MyGOAL Autism Grant Program

MyGOAL Autism Grant Program

MyGOAL offers a yearly grant to families across the United States, to support and care for individuals under 18 years old with autism.

MyGOAL Autism Grant is a program to support families caring for individuals with Autism. The MyGOAL Autism Grant is offered once a year, applications are available at the beginning of the year and decisions are rendered in mid-July.

In 2024, we will provide 1,000 to 25 families throughout the United States. Applicants must be the primary caregiver of the individual on the Autism Spectrum and provide the following:

  • A completed Medical Health Assessment Questionnaire showing verification of diagnosis, including age at diagnosis and current age, autism severity, level of functioning, social engagement and coping skills.
  • A detailed description of your current family’s situation including members within the household, social/economic support system; employment status, and what the grant will be used for. The following information should be included;
  • Number of dependents
  • Number of dependents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Information about what current funding the grantee is receiving (i.e. medical, nutrition, personal, enrichment, education and socialization needs)
  • Proof of household income: Most current tax return or SSI notification. (Paystubs and W-2 will not be accepted)

These 3 documents will be uploaded to the application, access the MyGOAL Autism Grant Program by clicking here (or by directly completing the form below). The application portal will be open on February 15, 2024. Although awarded to the primary caregiver, it is with the understanding that the grant will be used to benefit the individual(s) with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Still have questions? Please click here for our MyGOAL Autism Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions document.

The Daryl Matthew Gosein Memorial Scholarship Funds

MyGOAL Inc. established the Daryl Matthew Gosein Scholarship Fund in loving memory of Daryl Gosein.

Individuals who hear about Daryl’s story tend to say ‘Oh, what a tragedy’. However, those who knew Daryl know what an inspiring and rewarding experience it was to be a part of his short life. Daryl fought a tough, daily battle against Autism; a battle he fought with great love and a smile on his face. On his path to recovery, Daryl overcame AMAZING obstacles; some that baffled the medical community.

The Daryl Matthew Gosein scholarship will provide funding that will enable families to pursue treatments that Daryl never got a chance to complete. In spite of their own personal loss, it is an honor for Daryl’s family to support the families of individuals on the Autism Spectrum as they continue on their journey towards recovery or a better quality of life.

MyGOAL Grant Award Program

The MyGOAL Grant Award Program is a need-based grant for treatments (including vitamins and other nutritional needs); enrichment and educational needs that may not otherwise be covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts, county programs, insurance, and/or other grant making entities.

Although awarded to the primary care-giver, it is with the understanding that the grant will be used to benefit the individual(s) with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

MyGOAL Autism Grant Program


To assist in paying non-reimbursable medical expenses, including first-time visit to biomedical and other Autism-related specialists.


To purchase vitamins or other nutritional supplements that are specifically designed for children with ASD.

Personal Needs

To provide Personal needs for the individual with ASD.

Enrichment, Educational and Socialization Needs

Interactive activities are beneficial for the development of individual(s) including camps and other services.

You Can Help to Bring Hope to Families Affected by Autism and Other Intellectual Disabilities